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    I read somewhere on the UKC website before they redid the website that there was a fee to get wins/titles transferred from a TL to a permanent registration after a certain timer period...and it was pretty hefty.

    I have not permanently registered Logan with UKC yet. I've been meaning to, but I keep misplacing his AKC papers (I'll probably have to order another copy >.<) so I haven't gotten around to it yet. He DOES have a TL number, and he DOES have conformation points, a rally title, and a Total Dog award with it.

    Now, does anyone know what those fees to transfer points/titles is or where I can find it? I can't find much of anything on the UKC website right now :( Do I HAVE to use my TL number to register him permanently, or can I opt to not use it so long as I'm fine with giving up the points/title? Because I really have no problem with earning the title again and starting all over on the points. He was only in one conformation show, and now that we have a local UKC club there will be many, many more opportunities to earn points and titles (especially since he can beat the pants off of all the GSDs ;) ).

    There is a rally trial coming up the start of December, so I want to know if I should register him or use the TL number, and whether I should work on rally 1 or rally 2.

    Thanks! :D

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