Putting weight on with Pancreatitis?

Discussion in 'Dog Food and Recipes' started by Izzy's Valkyrie, Jun 12, 2014.

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    So, Tango is in need of just a bit more weight on his little frame and I'm worried there aren't many good options for doing that without overloading his pancreas. The current method is adding 1 whole egg a day to his diet and so far that seems to be working fine. I wonder if that's too much cholesterol for him? He hasn't shown any signs of a flare up so I'm relieved about that. If I add more Primal so he's getting 3 blocks/day, I think that may bump him up to too much fat in a day so I'm perplexed!

    Ideas on adding slim weight to a tiny restricted diet dog?

    Keeping in mind that I do want him on the slimmer side but at this point he's got no fat reserves and a tendency to stop eating when I leave town (which I will next week for three days) and also stop eating if his food gets changed. His build looks more Italian Greyhound than Chihuahua and I think he could use a touch more mass on his bones!

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