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    for those familiar with YOUNG puppies

    puppy teeth star errupting at 4 week and should be complete at 8 weeks???
    is this correct, i honestly dont remember

    i ask because my little jasper man seems to be tooth wise further back than id expect.
    his canines and front teeth are there tiny and sharp...
    but hes supposedly 8 weeks old (according to vet, birth certificate and reg) but none of his larger side/bavk teeth have emerged...
    hes 8 weeks old and simply cant crunch kibble...

    im soaking kibble and feeding solid golds small breed version (tiny bites) and mixing a little merrick puppy plate wet (which he loves) but if the kibble isnt moist enough he just cant chop it...

    seems a little strange to me...
    cresties have "primitive mouths" but ive not seen mention anywhere about late dental erruption.
    i can feel th hard under the gum but theyve got a ways to go...
    and hes so tiny and skinny im wondering if mabe the birthdate could be wrong by 2 weeks...............


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