potty training for two?

Discussion in 'Dog Training Forum' started by yz719, Oct 26, 2005.

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    About two months ago, my mother got two dachsunds (weaner dogs). They are cute wild little buggers. They were not house broken when she got them and they still are not house broken. I can put them outside for an hour, let them inside, and within ten minutes one of them has pooped or peed in the house. I never can catch them in the act, so I put them both outside.

    Is there any way I can potty train two dogs at the same time. Rewarding one dog will just make the other dog want a reward also.

    Also, they are kennel trained very well. When its time to go to the kennel they are very good about going straight in, also they won't go potty in the kennel, just in the house.

    I have a third dog that is older and very well potty trained. He tells me when its time to go out. This is what I want my two weaner dogs to do.

    Any ideas or advice would be much appreciated.

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