Possible cancer?

Discussion in 'Dog Health Care' started by Siberian Mom, Nov 22, 2013.

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    So I had my siberian Alaska up on the grooming table and had noticed her vulva was pushed off to the side. Upon further investigation found a golf ball size mass with another smaller mass right next to it. In my years of being a groomer and feeling a bazillion lumps and masses, this one doesnt feel like its going to be nothing. She has recently been drinking a lot and had an accident in the house. Im not 100% on her age but think shes around 11 or 12. If this mass turns out to be cancer Im not sure what to do. Her passed before we got her was not a good one and dont know if she will mentally be able to handle being put through a surgery and after care. Also since it is pushing her vulva over it is obviously very close to her urethra and i dont want her to be incontinent if she has the mass removed, but if we dont, I dont want to run into her not being able to urinate one day. I have also run into many owners that have had cancer removed only to have it return with a vengeance. I have a vet appointment booked for Tuesday to have tests run. This is the first dog that has ever attached herself to me and the first dog that was "my dog". I dont want to make the wrong decision and mess the rest of her life up. I know i should wait to see what the vet has to say but am a wreck

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