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    Hello everyone,

    I've been a long time lurker here on Chaz and decided it was time for me to join in all the fun. I currently live in Killeen, Texas with my two dogs, two cats and one human child. We moved here recently to live with my husband who is stationed in Fort Hood and I'm still trying to get used to the heat! lol Anyhow, We came with Angel, a border collie/German Shepherd mix and recently we added a new boy to our family. We are not sure on his mix but a few people think he may have Saint Bernard in there somewhere since at four months he is huge and has Saint-like markings.

    Both of my dogs are rescues, Angel came to me from a local pound in Ohio before we moved, she is 15 years old and still full of energy and spunk. I'll have to try to find some pictures of her or take some new ones since she tends to hide when the camera comes out. She has never liked pictures.

    Next is the new boy (No name yet so feel free to offer some options!) My DH found this big guy when browsing on craigslist and we decided we just had to meet him. He is four months old and has had a rough life thus far. at 6 weeks old he was found under a dumpster at a store where the previous owners worked. She didn't want to leave him there to die so took him home and took care of him. During a move while he was two months old he was left with the owners mother who was suppose to pup sit. Well, he ended up darting out the door and was hit by a car leading to a compound fracture and shattered pelvic bone which required surgery, pins and rods to help him heal. Those have since been removed and this big lover is fully recovered but his momma found herself unable to keep him when she started a new job that would keep her out the whole day and she didn't feel it was far to a pup.

    When we met him, we really fell in love. He's an adorable little guy and oh so sweet but definitely a big guy at 4 months old. His name WAS Trouble but he does not respond to it so we decided we would like to find him a new name, something more unique and fun. Here's our little (big) guy:


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