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    :confused: Well it seems the forum decided to eat my first attempt at an introduction so I thought I'd try again!

    My name is Skyylar and I'm owned by Angel, a 15 year old Border Collie, German Shepherd mix and Trouble (temporary name, we just got him two days ago) a four month old ???? We honestly have no idea what he might be.

    Both my pups are rescues, Angel came from a shelter in Ohio and Trouble was a craigslist adoption. I will say that I never imagined adopting a dog from CL but my husband and I decided to scan the site out of curiosity and this little (big) guy caught our eye. We decided to take the time to meet him and were fully ready to pay an adoption fee if we thought he was the right dog for us but in the end found the owner wanted no adoption fee, she simply couldn't keep the dog any longer with long work hours. Needless to say we decided to keep him.

    A little history:

    Trouble was found under a dumpster outside the previous owners workplace at around 6 weeks old (vet estimate), she took him home not wanting to leave him for who knows what to happen. At around 2 months old he was being watched by the owners mother when he escaped and was hit by a car where his pelvic bone and his leg severely broken. He required a rod and pins to aid in recovery and was fully recovered around 3 and a half months old.

    He still has a slight limp but it doesn't seem to bother him much at all. Trouble loves to go for walks but I do not yet go on runs with him because I know he's a growing pup and this is a no, no. We've been working on redirecting chewing the first couple of days (he has about fifty toys so this isn't hard, if he begins chewing something he shouldn't I take it away and give him a proper toy to chew on, click and treat for chewing appropriate toys, rinse and repeat.

    He's not had an accident in the house since we got him but he does have another bad habit - He thinks the kitties are toys and will chase them and bark when he cannot get to them. (We have a baby gated room for them to hide in when they want away from either of the dogs) I have been keeping him with me at all times for now so I can prevent this behavior, normally by stepping between him and the cat to allow them time to escape and asking for calm behaviors such as a sit.

    He's a sweet dog and loves to sit with you and be loved on. Any breed guesses or name suggestions are welcome! He's our boy!

    Using my notepad for a pillow hehe -

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