Pop goes the Tippy

Discussion in 'Dog Stories' started by gaddylovesdogs, Mar 24, 2005.

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    Feb 5, 2005
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    We had just gotten the first good snow of '05. Probably around a little less than a foot of it. My sister and I went out with girls and they were having a blast goofing around in the white stuff. After a while we took a break. The dogs were just sniffing and things like that. Well, the neighbor has a very small fence. A little more than a foot tall. Tippy (BC mix) was sniffing around the fence and suddenly she raises herself onto her back feet and pops over the dinky little fence. She had found a good smell that happened to lead into the neighbor's. :D Quickly I called her back and made her jump back over as the neighbors dislike and are afraid of dogs. I wonder what they thought when they found doggy footprints in their yard :eek:.

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