Police officer who shot cattle dog indicted

Discussion in 'Dogs - General Dog Chat' started by Shakou, May 10, 2014.

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    First off, I'm asking "why" too. He should have just got back in his car and and waited a minute till the dog was contained or just left. It was not an emergency call.

    But maybe the dog wasn't around when the robbery happened, who knows. Maybe it was running the fields with his owner and nobody was around. Maybe it slept quietly while the robbery happened.

    All I know is what i read. I'm not watching the video, I really don't do well watching dogs get shot, but from what I read the dog was barking in the back of a truck and jumped out and ran at the officer barking

    IMO #1 the dog should never have been shot

    #2 the dog never should have been allowed the opportunity to charge a police officer you knew was coming over

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