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    I work at VCA Tomball Animal Hospital in Tomball Texas and am asking for your help.

    Doc, a 6 month old Austrailian Shephard, was carried into our lives.

    Doc's owner backed over him last night. His hips were broken. Doc will needing a several thousand dollar repair surgery which his owners could not afford. THey decided to euthanize Doc, but with convincing, we were able to change their minds and have Doc relinguished into our care so we could help him.

    Our doctor that performs all of our orthapedic procedures says that Doc should fully recover with surgery and good rehabilitation. He also offered to donate his time to perform the surgery at no cost if we could raise the funds to pay for the rest of his vet care.

    I will be fostering Doc for the next 6 months to help him recover fully from his surgery. Several other employees will be donating time and money to help Doc.

    After trying to figure out how we can raise the funds, we came up with the ANIMAL ANGEL FUND. We are going to accept donations for Doc's care and pay for his surgery, I will be paying out of pocket for any expenses not covered by donations. If there are any additional funds, we will use this to pay for vet care on other animals in need of an Angel.

    Daily we have elderly people on fixed incomes that could greatly benefit from an Angel's assistance when they find themselves facing a major medical procedure for their companions. We also find injured animals that have been abandoned on our doorsteps quite often that need extensive veterinary care, but we are forced to turn over to animal control because we have no way to provide this care and house them in our hospital without funds.

    If you could donate, or could forward this, or post this elsewhere it will be greatly appreciated.

    100% of all donations will go directly toward helping these animals.
    Doc will be our first recipiant and he needs your help. If you would like to be added to the mailing list to hear more about Doc's care and progress, please email

    To donate, please send to:

    Animal Angel Fund
    C/O Bethanie Ash
    25911 Penguin Drive
    Magnolia Texas 77355

    We are trying to set up a way to pay by credit card as well directly to the account at the hospital, but are waiting for approval from corporate to do so.

    Thank you,

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