Please do your computer(s) a favor! (good stuff from a computer guy)

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  1. I just now got to reading this thread...

    Anyway... as a Guinea Pig for testing software for my mans work (they sell AVG and CounterSpy, the best US reseller on the East Coast), I know alot of programs that work and alot that are crap.

    Crap Cleaner sucks... I won't even go into the story about how it made my OS crash...

    I haven't used CleanUp... maybe I'll point that out to Robert when he gets here.

    Adaware really sucks... often leaves things behind, much like Norton.

    Microsoft AntiSpyware/ Windows Live One Care... sucks... got 13 worms using this stuff. Not including all the cookies and trojan viruses I got.

    SpyBot is good. We use this when we clean up someone's machine. Very good product, in my opinion!!

    Spy Sweeper: Have not tried it

    Ewido: Great news!! Gristsoft came out with a free version of Ewido!! This is also a great product, Paired with AVG Free, you can't go wrong!

    Avast uses up alot of memory, thus making your computer suer slow, and misses things as well.

    AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition: Great product. Though I have a paid version, I know many people that use AVG Free, and are very pleased with it!

    And as for FireFox, I LOVE IT!!! The tabbed browsing is very handy! There are lots of other reasons I love it, but I can't remember them at the moment!
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    will the CC delete saved passwords when it cleans out the cache/temp files? my grandpa would never be able to get into any of his sites if the saved passwords got deleted xD and firefox = love. i haven't used any of the other things on your list, but i must agree that norton totally sucks. i use mcafee, it came with my [dell] machine. i'm quite pleased with it =]

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