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    <a href="" title="CIMG6662 by shaggy_mcl, on Flickr"><img src="" width="600" height="800" alt="CIMG6662"></a>

    I am so very glad to report her leg is better, still tender, but she is playing again and we are just taking it slow. I remember how long it took my knee before it didn't pain me, and even so now I get a twinge now and then. Her tendon was severed so we walk slow and I don't let her start off after things. SHe likes to hang out in the sun and bake herself like a potato, i think the concrete feels good on her leg. Slow progress, but progress is progress and I am just so grateful she is still with us.

    SHe still refuses to go anywhere but the vacant lot at the end of the street so as lame as it sounds, i put her in the truck and I drive her there. IF I don't she just sits and holds it which isn't good for her. SHe is very stubborn but she is also a very good girl. I could not ask for better.

    I Put this in the snapshot thread, but i will add it here too because it is so Pepper. SHe says that Babies leave cotton candy vapor trails. Baylee was fast getting that toy from in front of her. THey just giggle when Pepper misses. She just can't help her self, children are soooo yummy.
    <a href="" title="CIMG6653 by shaggy_mcl, on Flickr"><img src="" width="800" height="600" alt="CIMG6653"></a>

    IF it we had stayed with that first vet, she would STILL be in that nightmare of a splint, and who knows, her leg might have rotted off. I am still beyond angry about it. SHe really suffered from their incompetence. SHe might have lost her mind about it. I know I was losing mine.
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    So glad to hear Pepper is doing better. Looks like she's a great friend Baylee & Aiden.

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