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    When I lost my old Lab, Bonnie, I was surprised at how well I took it, considering she had been through so much with me...lots of big events in my life and my whole family's. She grew up with my children, was a dear, constant companion. But she was just about to turn 13 and up to then she had been healthy and had such a happy, good life. For some reason, although I missed her terribly, I was at the same time in more of a state of peace than I was with my Doberman, who died at only 4 years old. Somehow, all those years of happy memories that had built up and all the photos, the stories and remembrances the kids, and the rest of the family had, just gave me a lot of comfort. I could come to grips and acceptance so much better with her passing than some of my past dogs and especially my Lyric. I felt he, other family members and I got really ripped off.

    So, I hope you will feel at peace with your sweet dog's passing, even though you'll always miss him and feel sad too, that he's gone. (((hugs)))

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