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    Do not do not ever get a pointer then...Victor runs from the front seat to the back and back to front while the car is running..until u stick your hand out and say ENUFF!!!! then he runs in place...He never gets tired..i lost ten pounds in the first two months just trying to wear him out. Fortunately he has as much personality as he has energy, but pointers are not for the weak of heart....and his type of being a pointer is considered the farrarri (sp). I was calling him a bouncing betty this morning because he had no yard time yesterday or the day before (it was raining and cold) today he was out for 5 hours and is snoozing on the couch now. I think Renee is making sense with the sheltie type..they can have a lot of personality and i have meet some remarkably well trained ones as well. They seem to be home bounders and that helps.

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