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Discussion in 'The Fire Hydrant' started by LindaJD, Apr 16, 2012.

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    Had today off so I figured I'd get some stuff done around the yard. Seems like everything I touched broke.
    Back outdoor faucet is leaking in the cellar, the front faucet is leaking from the top alot. Started putting flowers in my flower boxes and the botton fell right out. Figured I'd fertilize the lawn and the spreader was jammed, a good washing fixed it, but why is nothing ever easy? Took the cover off the grill and ripped it in the process.
    Tried to print something and my printer broke. Bought a new printer and can connect it wireless but can't get it to communicate with my computer.
    By now I am just totally pissed off so decided to call it a night and have a cup of coffee, poured the cream in my coffee and there is an ant floating in my cup. This day sucked. I am having my husband make me a margarita, I hope nothing else goes wrong.

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