One hound mix, and a few old pics of my first dog

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    I haven't taken many dog pics lately because FOHA hasn't been pulling as many dogs lately (although they have a bunch of new ones now, so tomorrow I'll be taking a lot of pics), so here is one cute hound mix who was a return because her owner moved. Her name is Tessie and she is 9, although she really doesn't look or act her age. She's a good dog and well-behaved, and she'd really like to get out of the shelter and back into a home soon!



    Look, she begs!

    Recently I scanned in some pics of my family's first dog, Coco. Some of you may have seen me mention him before. He was a Chesapeake bay retriever, not really a good breed to choose for a first dog, TBH.

    Itty bitty puppy

    A little bit older, with my sister when she was two.

    His first birthday! My 7yr old self is on the left in the red shirt, and my sister is on the right. He didn't start out food aggressive, I don't remember what could have made him like that.

    That's all for now!

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