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    Need ideas!

    Right now to go somewhere with the dogs, I have to carry the crates from the house to the van and put them in, then load the dogs. Then reverse the process so the dogs can eat in their crates.

    I'd love to just have extra crates in the garage but the plastic ones take up so much space and we don't always have them in, if we're getting groceries etc. it's a pain to either load the crates with stuff or put things in around them.

    I also do a lot of training out of the van, a few times a week.

    I am debating on getting a platform built, so the crates are raised up, or just getting a bigger wire crate that all three dogs can go in together. I'm thinking that might work the best, since we could slap a lock on it if we stop somewhere and leave them in (of course not if it's really hot). And the bigger wire crates with the door on the side wouldn't be bad to put stuff in and out of.

    Any suggestions? Would love the custom crate stuff I found but not the $3000 to get it... lol

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