Omerta, the Breeder's Code of Silence

Discussion in 'The Breeding Ground' started by RedyreRottweilers, Mar 20, 2006.

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    Interesting article, only too true. Thanks for posting that. :)

    I'm very surprised at the lack of "quality control" from clubs here in the US, in Germany breeding certainly isn't taken as lightly and (a little off topic) breed clubs will stamp a dog's pedigree "unsuitable for breeding" if he/she has been found to not be breeding material. If someone breeds such a dog anyway, the offspring is not eligible for registration.

    I know many Americans clamor about personal freedom and all that, but I truly wish that organizations like the AKC would take on the responsibility and support ethical breeding rather than to claim "hey - don't look at us, we are just a registry, or purpose is only to record that a dog is purebred".

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