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    A girl in my university (I don't know her personally) posted this to one of the school's Facebook pages for selling items and since that will only be seen by college students I wanted to help her broaden the reach, preferably to more qualified people. I reached out and got her permission to spread it to chaz. If there is anyone who can help, PM me! This is an older dog of a rarer breed and an overall sad situation; I can't imagine the stress of being taken out of a familiar environment at that age. I don't know if the picture will show up, but I'll try to add that as well.

    "My parents are leaving the country in a month, so we have to find our family dog (since I can't keep him in my house next year) a new home so he doesn't end up in the pound. Even if you can't take him, please share this to any family or friends that have been interested in getting a dog.
    Here's some information about him:
    Name: Jin Shik (pronounced: Jin Sheek)
    Breed: Jindo (they come from an island in Korea known as Jeju Island)
    Age: 11
    Sex: Male
    Do we have his papers: YES
    Neutered: Yes (sorry, no Jindo pups!)
    Shots: Up to date
    Fencing: needed... he's too smart and will find ways to go explore the neighborhood
    Temperament: Very relaxed dog. Only barks at medium-large animals (besides dogs) that are intruding into the yard.
    Petting: LOVES IT!!! He will just let you pet him.
    Walks: LOVES THEM! We've witnessed him do 4 mile walks just fine.
    Dislikes: Thunder and water.. You have to be gentle when you bathe him, but he will let you do it!
    Other Pets: He needs to meet other dogs first and slowly get familiar with them. He was abused by another dog when he was younger (before we had gotten them) so he's not quick to trust other dogs.
    Here are some photos of Jin Shik"


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