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Discussion in 'The Dog Breeds' started by SummerRiot, Aug 30, 2006.

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    Came across this site quite by accident and after reading some entries by a "Jenn" about her first Doberman purchase and the responses she received, decided to join. Very interesting stuff! I'm a proffessional trainer and handler, in the canine industry for 18 yrs now. I show in obedience as well as conformation. I also handle clients dogs in AKC conformation competition. I own a small commercially licensed board and train facility. My daughter also shows Paint horses at Worlds level, so my family is very active in both dogs and horses. I've owned working and herding breeds most of my life and am happy to say I'm getting my 2nd Doberman pup tommorrow. I've waited 2 yrs for him. From a very well known/reputable breeder in the states. I have the privelege of co-owning him with the studs owner, also a licensed AKC judge. Certainly a lot of opinions on Dobies on this site, understandably a lot of arguement over Europian verses American dogs. I run into this in all breeds when handling. That's what made this "good reading". Curious to hear what happened to Jenn, showing her pup now? Continueing her education in the breed, showing and handling, hopefully? A few of the dogs on this site looked familiar, a few breeders I'm familiar with. For those of us who show, handle, train, and /or breed... most of us, in the industry are good people, with a true love of our breed(s) who've spent extensive time learning genetic, health and behavioral issues common to that breed. (And we're very protective of that) Hope that doesn't turn too many "pet people" off. Look foward to hearing about what happened to Jenn (?) and her puppy. Otch1

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