OCD or attention seeking?

Discussion in 'Dog Training Forum' started by corgipower, Jun 10, 2012.

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    Tyr has had SA his whole life. A few years ago, he seemed to be developing some OCD chewing, followed by OCD sniffing and licking. I figured it stemmed form anxiety.

    Lately his OCDish behaviors also include spinning, touching me with a paw and endlessly searching for his new antler. Spiining and giving paw are two relatively newly trained behaviors...recently reinforced...

    So last night I realized that when he engages in chewing/licking/sniffing at OCD levels of intensity, I interrupt him. Which means he receives attention. So maybe it's not OCD after all? Should I ignore him and allow him to carry on with the behavior? He does chew on himself when I'm not there...as evidenced by the wetness and globs of saliva coating various body parts, and that seems more like OCD though?:dunno:

    I'm about ready to take him to the veterinary behaviorist...

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