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    You eat a healthy, balanced, nutritional diet right? Do you take vitamins or other nutritional supplements? What about your pets? Do you think they might need a little extra nutritional boost too? I introduce you to Happy Cat Purrfect Balance and Purrfect Cleanse and Lucky Dog Canine Complex - high end daily nutraceutical supplements!

    Purrfect Balance and Canine Complex contain the proteins, fats, vitamins, chelated minerals for easy absorption, essential amino acids, and more than 100 natural antioxidants for eyes, heart, cardiovascular and liver function that your cat and dog needs!

    Purrfect Cleanse helps control hairballs with all natural ingredients for your cat's digestive health.

    Our products contain no synthetic or laboratory produced vitamins. We use no wheat, corn or soy - proven allergens - in our products. You will never find by-products...much like those found in many commercial pet foods. We use only the most advanced cold pressed manufacturing processes to maintain the bioavailability of nutrients and protect the nutritional integrity of our high quality ingredients.

    Our supplements taste so good, even the pickiest of cats will meow for them and dogs will be begging for them! It is claimed that 85% of pets will take these supplements right from your hand, just like treats. And for those finicky 15% who won't take anything from your hand, the supplements have been formulated so that they can be easily crushed and mixed in with your pets' regular food.

    For more information on these wonderful new products, please contact me at Or visit my website

    Thanks and here's to their health!

    Lisa Millar
    ILMP Independent Affiliate

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