Nightshade veggies and oxalic acid

Discussion in 'Dog Food and Recipes' started by okiegirl, Aug 5, 2006.

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    Forgive me for all the questions here, I'm a little confused.

    So if you have a dog with joint problems, you should avoid foods in the nightshade family AND foods with high oxalic acid content?

    For some reason I thought they were interchangeable, but I guess not since some nightshades contain very little oxalic acid and some foods like carrots that aren’t nightshades have a relatively high amount.

    And this may be a silly question, but dogs with joint problems shouldn’t be on a potato containing food like EVO, right? And amaranth is very high in oxalic acid, so wouldn’t it need to be avoided as well? I know it’s in some foods, even though it’s not an approved ingredient.

    Or would the cooked amounts of potentially aggravating ingredients even be enough to matter? What about tomato pomace?

    What's the 'safe' amount for oxalic acid? Are carrots okay at .5g/100g?

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