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    Just wondering in the world of journalism would the headline " Beagle Bites Child", or "Labrador Bites Child, "German Shepard Bites Child" or a silly one "Maltese Bites Child" ( which would probably mean the kid stepped on the poor pooch).

    Would these be newsworthy really? Maybe in a small town press. But three NY radio stations would not report " Beagle Bites Child, details at 11". But PIT BULL BITES CHILD IN HARLEM...and it could be a rottie, who really knows. I feel for the little girl involved too. But it's also just more bad press for our dogs...sigh:(
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    They might report it, but the headline usually says "Dog bites child" and might say mixed breed or name the breed later in the article. I'd prefer they not name any breeds at all.

    ETA..I'm unwilling to go into detail, but I am close to someone who was just bit by the breed in public, and this did not make the papers. The dog will likely be euthanized after quarantine, but it was handled extremely poorly by someone who should have known better.

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