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Discussion in 'Member Introductions' started by Samwich, Oct 12, 2012.

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    Actually I've kinda been around. But I don't have any way to recover passwords or whatnot on this forum so I just need to start over. LOL! I don't think I got really involved here before, anyway. :)

    Really the only constant in my life is the Border Collies and the sheep, anyway - and there's no sheep right now, even. :p

    So, I'm in Pilot Mountain, NC - just a few miles from Andy Griffith's Mayberry, if you are old enough to remember that. We can see the Blue Ridge Parkway from here. I've raised sheep for a while but I'm taking a break for health reasons.

    There's five dogs in residence - and one foster dog at the moment. Lu is a Maremma, a livestock guardian dog, retired, sort of. In her mind she is still guarding. ;) Gus is a retired sheepdog, a Border Collie. Ted and Sam are also Border Collies. And Jetta is a whatchamacallit. Mostly Sheltie, though she is more houndy/terrier looking.

    Carolina and Hemi are the kitties. We have a little flock of chickens, also.

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