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    We've been so very busy here at The Pet Parlor and even more so since the newest member of our family moved in--an adorable kitten we adopted two weeks ago from the SPCA who we named Dashell (a.k.a. Dash). He's been a real handful while he's been settling in, but things are calming down now and he and our other cat, Marya, and our greyhound, Christy Black, are all getting along very well; even our guinea pig, Ebony, has accepted him and enjoys putting Dashell in his place from time to time. His arrival has now become old news.

    As our family has grown so has our website, The Pet Parlor. We have included more new items in our catalogue , expanded our Photo Album (where you can see pictures of the members of our family), and have introduced our Portraits page, a section that offers beautiful and detailed handstitched portraits to purchase.

    So log onto and see what you've been missing.

    Your friends at The Pet Parlor ;)

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