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Discussion in 'Forum News and Announcements' started by Renee750il, Jul 20, 2008.

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    Why would it have been any different if someone else posted the thread?

    This is how I see it: I doubt a lot of people know the hard work that goes into running a huge site like this, the behind the scenes stuff that may look easy, but requires time and effort from someone who does not get paid to do it who has to do it on downtime from a full time job. It's not just all roses and candy. So changes are made here and there.. like the new notification system, no one liked that, a little uproar ensued, yet here we are and we're all still okay.

    The same with this, I don't know whether it will be moved or not, but I sincerely hope that when everyone calms down they will look at all of this with a fresh perspective.

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