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  1. So here are some of the numbers which influenced my decision to send Penny to Shaka despite the fact that they each have one elbow graded as abnormal by the OFA.

    Number of progeny in the OFA Data base at this time: 35

    Number of progeny with normal hip ratings: 27

    Number of progeny with normal elbow ratings: 19

    Number of progeny with normal Cardiac ratings: 26

    Number of progeny with CHIC numbers: 12

    Shaka has one sibling, who is hip and elbow normal.

    His dam is elbow normal. Both his grand sires are elbow nomal each with one normal sibling.

    The paternal grandsire has 3 elbow normal progeny.

    The maternal grandsire has 49 elbow normal progeny.

    Snoring yet? LOL
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    I'm a pedigree research nerd also so I know where you're coming from. :D

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