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Discussion in 'Dog Sites and Pet Sites' started by JoannaSoh, Mar 14, 2006.

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    Hi everyone,

    Asking a bit of help, hopefully I am not intruding the peace in here.

    I am currently working on my personal dog information website, and do have a section on <b>Featured Dog</b>. (This is where the problem comes in)

    Being a relatively new site, and not knowing a whole bunch of dog owners at my country, I do lack the needed dog pictures.

    If you don't mind me using your dog picture for my site, please do kindly send a few pictures of your beloved dog - with a quick description of it (even a profile on it will be nice and sweet!).

    Oh yah, you can reach me via my email -

    Thanks for reading, and hope that a nice day ahead for everyone.

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