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    I have been planning going raw (prey model) for future puppy/dog and had a whole document full of info on what I needed to buy, websites that were handy etc.. so I figured I would share :) it was hard sifting through forums and websites so figured somebody else might benefit from my journey through it

    Prey model= "Prey model raw is just what its name implies. The diet is modeled on the prey our dogs would eat in their natural, wild environment. Prey model raw operates on the knowledge that dogs, like their lupine counterparts, are carnivores, NOT omnivores. Specifically, dogs are what it is known as facultative carnivores. This means that dogs are anatomically and physiologically designed to eat the meat and bones of animals"

    First of all, the site I began with (found this to be the most simple/comprehensive)
    just click RAW FEEDING and then WHAT IS A RAW DIET? and then go down the menu and it explains everything

    First of all here is the percentage I'm using

    50% Raw meaty bones (RMB)
    5% ORGAN
    45% Muscle meat (MM)
    + extra stuff

    I picked an "adult weight" of 45 pounds (for puppies, you use about 3% of their estimated adult weight. same goes for adults, 2-3% of their desired body weight)

    3% of 45 pounds is 1.35 pounds of food per day.
    so 10 ounces of RMB, 9.5 of MM and 1 ounce of organ
    + extra stuff

    Here is my GROCERY LIST of things to buy/look at based on what is available around my area..

    My RAW MEATY BONES include: chicken quarters, chicken wings, turkey necks, chicken backs, beef neck bones, pork neck bones..

    ORGANS: Beef/chicken/pork liver...

    EXTRA STUFF: whole egg, salmon oil, garlic powder, vit E, fish oil, green tripe.
    (these are just supplements, give sparingly or don't give at all. I looked them up and liked the idea of adding them. I don't have access to a lot of fish so thought fish oil would be beneficial, garlic powder for natural flea prevention, whole eggs including shell are just healthy all around)

    MUSCLE MEAT: Boneless chicken breast, ground beef, turkey breast, beef heart, deer meat, chicken hearts, venison, canned salmon, sardine, goat, trout....


    How to begin (keep in mind, my future pups litter will be raised raw, so i didn't put as much research into this part)

    - Switch cold turkey.
    - Start with a single RMB (usually chicken backs) for a week or two. Next, try chicken quarters.. stick with chicken for a while and then introduce another protein source (say, turkey necks).. then pork.. then fish.. and so on.
    - After a month or so of that, add organ. Start with just a bit or organ with their meals 2x a week. You might see some loose stools.
    - Pay attention to stool, adjust as necessary.

    - Don't worry about measuring or getting every meal EXACTLY RIGHT as far as the ratios go. It's ball park. It's PREY MODEL and not every meal will be perfect 50:45:5 lol BALANCE OVER TIME is the key. Do not get caught up in the complexity of daily menus and rations, trust me.. it's not that complicated. think of how YOU eat lol
    Some people feed organs once every other day, some only at dinner, some weeks you will have more bone, sometimes more muscle meats.. It doesn't have to be perfect. Ball park.

    Variety is important, yes. I know RMBs are something I tend to stick with poultry/turkey with, so I tend to get creative with muscle meats. Fish, pork, turkey, shark, rat.. it's pretty open to basically just about anything that flies, swims or can be considered prey lol Lots of people have the MAJORITY of their dogs diets/RMBS as poultry or turkey.. so don't be afraid to lean on them.

    I plan on feeding 2x a day. RMBs in the morning and Organ+MMs at dinner.
    I just think it's an easy way to spread things out. Some only feed once a day.

    As for where I think feeding inside the crate is easiest. Otherwise dogs get the idea of picking things up and bringing them places for later..

    OTHER SITES I FOUND HELPFUL (click recipes for some great ideas on all the things you can give your dog!)

    Difference between prey model/barf

    - What you might want to buy before you start-
    : A food scale
    : plastic baggies (separate meals into individual daily bags)
    : Cutting board
    : Cleaver/other such knife for cutting meat
    : Large tupperware/bowl for thawing meals
    : Rubber gloves if you are like me and don't like touching meat lol
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    Talladega, Alabama is a really good one. Their getting started guide helped me a lot a couple of years ago when I started raw feeding. I go by a rule of 80-10-10. 80% meat,10% bone and 10% organ.

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