My new snake setup in progress

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    Eventually I'm going to see if my husband would be willing to build me a shelf setup so I can have space for around 5 snakes.

    Aneira (my corn) has been living in a 30 gallon tank for a while, but my little escape artist was able to get out of the tank even with me putting stuff on top to hopefully keep her from pushing the lid off.

    Now that I have two pet rats.... Well. I'm sure you can imagine my fear that she is going to get out and get ahold of one of the rats. I got a Christmas bonus from work and decided to hunt for the perfect escape proof cage for my slithering girl.

    I found a 40 gallon Zilla Critter Cage that had really good reviews. The lid slides in and it has a catch on the back of the cage that clips the lid in place. On the front there's a spot to lock the cage lid onto the cage with a key or combo lock.

    So not only does my snake now have an escape proof tank (hopefully), she also got upgraded to an extra 10 gallons.

    This tank is too big to set on anything that I have so for now it has to go on the floor. I borrowed some scrap pieces of strut from my husband so there is airflow between my undertank heater and the floor.

    Looking down into the tank. I'm going to end up getting a bigger heater and I'm also eventually going to get a stand that can hold this tank but I needed to go ahead and move her.

    And here she is in her new habitat. The bedding is Aspen. The box hide that I made on the far right is her favorite. The one in the middle I'm going to replace soon. I still have a lot more I want to do with this setup. I want to add a background and maybe add some branches and vines or something to give her more hiding options. I also want to get a red light (not heat lamp) for evening lighting.


    Now I just need to purchase a 10 gallon so I can start setting up for my future baby bloodred cornsnake.

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