My chihuahua is attcking my pit bull.

Discussion in 'Dog Training Forum' started by Squishy22, Aug 15, 2008.

  1. Squishy22

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    As some of you know, I have moved into a new house. I took reggin with me, and left my chihuahua/min pin at my moms house (temporarily).

    Today I visited my mom, with Reggin. As soon as I walked into the house, my chihuahua charged and attacked Reggin. NOT PLAY. I'm talking teeth barred, snapping at his face and eyes, growling, jumping off the ground with mouth open, etc.

    As that went on, Reggin just stands there, very still, with a weird look in his eye. I immediately grab her off of him and put her in another room. Right now I'm afraid to let her out!

    When Reggin approaches the door, she growls at him.

    She does not know that he could easily kill her if he wanted to. If she bit him in the right place, and hurt him, all hell would break loose. WHATS GOING ON HERE?? What do I do??

    Please help.
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    Has she gotten territorial? Maybe try reintroducing them somewhere totally neutral where neither has been before? :confused: They used to live together, right? Maybe she's getting possessive of your mom's house.

    Sorry, not much use here, but those were my first impressions.
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    It's funny when dogs playfight, but a real fight can result in injuries or even death (especially if there's a big size discrepancy.) I'm sure you didn't mean any harm with your comment, but please think things out before you post.
  4. Squishy22

    Squishy22 Guest

    I'm sure thats its. She is such a bitch sometimes and she doesnt know who she is messing with. She still sees him as a itty bitty 5 week old puppy when I got him.

    I'll try to let them interact outside of the house. I never want this to happen again. She could be seriously injured...

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