Miniature pinscher fencing issues

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    My husband and I are getting a miniature pinscher in a few weeks. We have a tall (5') fence bordering two sides of our yard. Our idea was to just add additional fencing and gates to close up the two sides of the yard that are unfenced. Easy, right?

    This is where things got complicated! I hoping you can help me determine the best way to keep our new guy safely fenced in.

    Our house is built on the side of a hill so on the other side of the yard is a retaining wall about one story off the ground with a low (3') fence. We also have a deck that is a little higher than 1 story off the ground and this has a 4' wooden fence.

    Our breeder told us that this mini pin is unfamiliar with heights and is at risk for jumping off the deck and/or the lower fenced area. Is your sense that she is saying this because as a PUPPY he and would need to become familiar with the heights? Or are mini pins in general, even adult ones, just so determined to get out that they will take risks? For example, if he saw a squirrel, might he take the leap? She also said he would probably need a 5' fence to be safe.

    For reasons that are really involved to describe here, we are having difficulty replacing the 3' fence (it is curved and in a tough spot) and I'm wondering if after several weeks we could simply teach our dog not to try to go over it. Also, there is no easy solution for keeping him safe on the deck other than blocking it off so he can't access it, which is not ideal.

    We would consider a combination of solid fencing and invisible fencing, if necessary. FYI we are home a lot and can do training and keep an eye on him, but ideally we are hoping to give him 24-hour access to the yard via a dog door.

    So, can you help me understand a bit more about mini pin behavior, both as a puppy and an adult, with regards to fencing, heights, learning where he is allowed, etc. Any thoughts about the best way to keep our new guy safely fenced in would be appreciated.

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