Mini Schnauzer pee problems after surgery

Discussion in 'Dog Health Care' started by marko959, Mar 6, 2005.

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    I have a 5 year old female mini Schnauzer that had surgery for bladder stones in early January. Since then, she has had problems with peeing in the house, mainly on the carpet. It is usually not a lot, but enough to cause a nuisance and it's getting quite irritating to find new stains on the carpet. The vet says that the nerves that would cause incontinence are not anywhere near where they did the work for the stones. She was on the Hill's U/D prescription diet, but the vet then switched her to Hill's Science Diet to see if the food was the cause. It wasn't. She also takes Potassium Citrate to help keep away the bladder stones.

    Has anyone else had this problem with their dogs after bladder stone surgery? I love my dog, but she's wrecking our house. If this continues, she can't continue to live with us.

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