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    A hefty 35 pounds. So my question is answered, she is indeed going to weigh more than Upendi (Upendi's 35-40 depending) as she now more or less weighs as much as her at 5 months (she's getting close to six). Anyone wanna guess what she's going to top out at? :D

    Here's a picture to show her build.

    I might add that Mina is being the puppy from hell today, no kidding. She is playing with everything that she's not supposed to and ignoring her toys. :roll: I take my shoes away and move them higher? She finds a way to get them down. I take a hairband off of her? She's got a book within a minute. I move my pillow away from her? She pulls it down. I can't even count the things I've pulled out of her mouth or saved from her today. Anybody want a sweet gentle loving 5 month old aussie mix? Free to good home. for a week or so:D

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