learn at home courses, worth it or not?!

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    2 dogs at home, 2 dogs with the parents 6 peacock
    im currently a full time work at home student in animal behaviour (i take all my courses except labs at home on the computer through my college, i attend twice a week for labs, i did it this way so i could stay with my dogs and and because of a medical condition i have, and so far its going great, this is my third semester and im a straight A student on my way to my B.A.

    now my question is about the learn at home programs form the likes of penn and foster and other of the such. Id like to get my degree in dog grooming (as an extra so i can combine training and grooming) the closest in person school is over 2 hours away from me and has no dorms or places to stay, theres no dog friendly apartments in the area of the school (its pretty much in the middle of nowhere) not to mention i have a 5 year lease on my current appartment with no option to sublease. so moving up there woudl be no option.
    my other option would be to join petcos team and and they "train" me but ivehad issues with petco (animal abuse) in the past and have watched the groomers work and have yet to see a finely groomed dog come out of that place...
    ive looked into aprenticing for a local groomer but after looking the only 3 in my area are not taking in trainees under any circumstances.

    id realy love to learn even just the basic grooming, if for no other reason than grooming my own and my frineds dogs. but with a severe lack of options id love to knwo if anyone has experience with the online schools like penn and fosters program.

    or would it be more worth teaching myself?!

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