Lancaster TX shelter list

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    Weim, M, large, sweet - avail today. Owner surrender.
    Poodle M, mini-sized, white, shutdown but not aggressive - avail tuesday
    Peke F, 5 years old, surrendered after owner went into assisted living, VERY SWEET, housebroken - avail now and has been for a while
    3 rat terriers & 2 chihs, all strays - some available now, some tues - males and females
    VERY SWEET solid blue female APBT, 2ish? - avail now
    Rottie male, teenaged or very thin, sweet, avail now
    2 groups of 3 small-medium mixed breed puppies, spaniel Xes and Aussie Xes, maybe?

    I can pull any of these dogs for transport if a rescue is interested.

    Lancaster TX Animal Control
    700 E Main St, Lancaster, TX‎ - (972) 227-1342‎
    Open M-F 8-5

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