Just want to rant, puppy driving me mad.

Discussion in 'Dogs - General Dog Chat' started by SHADOW_THE_STAFF, Jul 5, 2005.

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    I am so glad to have found this forum too. I don't say much most of the time...just read (don't feel like I "fit in" yet) but I just have to say that you people are about the nicest people I've never met! You don't pick on people for their spelling or "ignorance" about doggie things that seem obvious to most. Smkie, most of all, has totally enchanted me (for lack of a better word). I love reading your posts and I think you have so much talent in so many areas. You seem like such a kind person.
    I love everyone's doggie pics and all of the great advice given. Sometimes I am on this board for hours just reading.

    Anyway, to Shadow the Staff...oh how I can relate! I love Chyna most when she is asleep! She does crack me up with her antics, though but having people over is the worst. Her behavior is almost embarrassing! When my mom is here, I find myself getting annoyed at both of them. My mom doesn't "do" dogs well, though my dad always had one (outside hunting dogs, mostly) and Chyna is all over her with those toenails and puppy nips. It seems like nobody can control her except me and at times even that is iffy.
    I know she will grow out of it but it is trying at times. So don't worry about your ROAR! I've roared too and sometimes that's the only way she will actually listen to me....and yes, I've felt bad about it too. Shadow will recover, I'm sure and you'll probably roar again before he grows up and out of puppy antics. It sure helps to know others know how you feel, doesn't it? :D
    You guys are all terrific. Glad I found this site.


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