Just a romeo training update :) some progress!

Discussion in 'Dog Training Forum' started by Fran101, Mar 30, 2010.

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    Well, to begin..

    1. Romeos snarkiness with other dogs who aren't chihuahuas.

    I got some GREAT advice, and im finally starting to see progress

    Now when we pass a dog, I get romeos attention with "look at me" (we started working on this at home with a treat) and I keep his attention, and when the other dog passes, he gets a treat

    at first, he would still bark, but now, its getting a lot better. when he sees a dog, he looks up at me waiting for his treat!

    What also helped was removing him from the situation. When he saw another dog and started to bark, it was GAME OVER. I would pick him up and we would go home or to a boring spot. he soon learned that making a fuss wasnt going to get him anywhere.

    the problem im having is, if I see a dog first and can get his attention, all is well. but if he sees a dog first and goes into BARK BARK BARK mode, I cant figure out how to snap him out of it. once hes started.. oh boy.. its basically just picking him up and away til he cant see the dog anymore and calms down

    2. The licking lol a kind of annoying habit he has

    as Doberluv said, saying "NO" or in any way trying to scold him for it just made him more "omg omg im so sorry *LICK* *LICK* for w/e I did, I Love you! *lick*"

    So instead, we worked on "enough" and even "give a kiss" lol

    he still loves to give kisses but atleast now its a command so im expecting them instead of waking up to him trying to lick me lol

    Now, I say, give a kiss and let him kiss my cheek, and "enough" in a happy tone and we play a game like fetch.

    theres some progress, still lots of work on/improve on but hes doing better!

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