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    No, you are misinterpreting. And I am not so sure why this matters. As we are all trying to help this person out, but ok, I will explain so you will get off my case.

    I have used the sit method before, if fact, it was what we first tried. We have found than when a person enters, he gets more gratification from jumping than he does from a treat. So YES, when we use that particular method it does not work and he continues to jump. THAT was what I was saying.

    I turned around and started using the ignore method because I have heard and seen that work before, from you know who. And that has worked much better for US. Especially when a NEW person enters is when he likes to jump, but it very quickly ceases when he gets the opposite of what he wants... ATTENTION!

    Now when familiar people come over, he rarely ever tries to jump, because he knows where it will get him. With new people, he needs a reminder, that they WILL ignore him as well. Nope, Reggin is not big. ;)


    It is a work in progress. ;)
  2. I am not on your case. I was explaining why I made the post I did. If ignoring your dog works great to help him stop jumping, WONDERFUL!

    This was not information I had when I made the post I did.

    It has not worked for me with dogs in the past. It is not something I recommend except with very small dogs.

    And please don't PM me, I prefer to keep my communications out on the board.

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    Something caught my eye. I want to clear something up in particular. Now, elegy asked me why I do not remove him from the situation after I stated that the SIT METHOD did not work with us and I replied that because we have found a method that works, denying him attention. You think I just pulled that out of my a$$, then why would I have mentioned the ignore method in my very first post? Because its something we have successfully used. ;)
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    Yes, I will use PMs to settle things as not to clog up threads with accusations and arguments and defending myself. In fact, I am sure mods would recommend going that route. And you should take your own advice, BTW, because I very faintly remember you PMing me before... a few months ago was it? lol. So much for keeping your communications out on the board.:rolleyes:

    This will be my last post about this nonsense, because I think its way rude to clog up hotdogs thread.
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    I know there have already been suggestions for teaching a dog to not jump up, but I thought I'd add another.

    I teach it the same way I teach a dog to not bark. Which is to teach him to bark, and then attach a command to it, so that he eventually learns to only do it when asked.

    So I actually start by inviting the dog to jump up on me with a treat or a toy. I do this a few times, and then start to add a command like "Hup", or "Up", to it. And I always wait until after he's actually jumped up on me to give the command. Makes it easier to associate the command with the action. Once he's making contact with you to try to get the treat or toy, twist away from him and say "Okay, off", then once he falls away from you, give him the treat or toy.

    Do this a few times every day for a few days. Eventually he'll learn what the commands mean. Now, after you've been doing this for a while, it's time to "trick" him. Invite him to jump up on you, but this time, don't give a command. He'll of course try to jump up, but twist and turn away from him so he can't make contact. Do this about 3 or 4 times, then on the 5th time, when he's probably looking a bit confused, give him the "Hup" command and pat your chest, and then praise and pet him when he obeys. Then give him the "Okay, off" command again and then praise and reward him again for getting down.

    Do this enough times and he'll learn to not jump up until asked to do so.

    Hope this gives you another technique to try.

    Good luck! :)

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