Jack Russell mixes?

Discussion in 'The Dog Breeds' started by PixieSticksandTricks, Jul 1, 2006.

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    People who have Jack Russells or Jack Russell mixes tell me all about how it is to live with them! I have a few family members and friends who have Jack Russells I have met friendly and aggressive Jacks but I beleive it all depends on how their raised. Im just looking for more people with experience with the breed or mix.
  2. Hi Pixie :)

    I have a Jack Russell Terrier/ Chi mix.

    Kona is very loveable and friendly, she loves kids, but is a little skittish around adults, but she relaxes after I get close to her.

    She has so much energy, it isn't even funny. She will run, jump, play fetch, dance, so on and so fourth, for hours on end. It seems like she never tires sometimes!!

    I swear if she had the colors of a JRT, and not so much weight to her, you'd really think she was full bred. She definately has all the personality traits of one.

    Be prepared if you do get this little guy. They are attention whores, so to speak, and like lots of love. They need tons of exercise, a nice, big yard, so on and so fourth. I reccomend you get him a bunch of tennis balls. From my own experiances, and from what I have heard, they LOVE to play fetch.

    I hope I have helped you out!!
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    I had a JRT/Chi mix...[​IMG]named Georgia.

    She was a little longer in house breaking than Tira was...she was VERY lovey and snuggly...she hardly ever barked (unless another dog started first)...she weighed 7.1 lbs...she 'danced' on her hind legs and turned in circles...she had a love hate relationship with one of her squeaky toys (she'd play with it herself and love it, but if you made it squeak at her she'd try to tear it apart). If she thought she was in trouble she'd run off and hide but she was 90% of the time a very happy, outgoing, trouble free dog. The other 10% accounts for the potty training issues.

    On the other hand, I knew a JRT in S.C. that was very nice to people and dogs (like Georgia was) but if you touched his nub of a tail he'd go nuts. He'd growl, snap, bark...anything to get you to leave him alone. His owner got him started with that though. He liked to jump on the back of couches and chairs to sleep or get near your head. He could 'howl' on command (very cute) and didn't bark much. All in all he was a pretty good dog. He was house broken but the owner would leave him shut in his bedroom all day so the dog would have to go somewhere (closet or under the bed usually). When he was allowed outside on a regular basis he didn't make any potty mistakes.
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    Oh yeah! :) Georgia loved the pink dumbell with niblets on it. She liked balls, as long as they were small enough for her to carry :). She also loved small stuffed animals.
  5. That is so funny. Kona is the same way.

    I think she is rasict, because the only time she barks is when our neighbors (who are mexican) are playing in the cul-de-sac.

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