I've had it with cats

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    My niece had two cats. Now she's down to one. But when she was at work, she left her house clean and tidy. She is very tidy and particular. She'd come home to every kitchen drawer and cupboard door opened. The cats would take things out of the drawers as they walked along the counter top and they'd drop things off, down into the dog's water dish. She even saw them do this a few times and they'd sit on the edge, drop the small item and watch it splash all over the floor. They'd pull out pot holders, dish towels, cooking gizmos, utensils and all kinds of things. They went around her coffee and end tables, pulling off candles and other nick knacks. The place was a wreck when she got home from work...drove her nuts. I don't know why she didn't lock them up somewhere in a "safe" room. They must have been bored out of their gourds. All I could think was, glad it's you and not me. LOL. I never had cats that got into that much mischief.

    I swore off cats after having some cats that peed in my house. I've had a total of 5 cats in my lifetime and as cute and interesting as they are, I won't ever risk that territorial business. Cat pee is the worst thing EVAR.

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