It’s A Small World After All

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    It’s A Small World After All

    Bo In Commentary:

    Some like ‘em big, some like ‘em small. The preference for city dwellers is to have them on the miniature side.

    “We were looking for a small breed,†she adds. “Dogs are so much work to train, we weren’t ready to handle the dirty dog business of a big mutt in our downtown condo.â€

    Dogs are hard to train? She should see what it’s like training a human. Anyway, she wants a small one, eh? I wonder what her thoughts on child rearing? “Honey, I think we should have a baby that won’t grow up to be very big. You know how difficult the big ones can be in a downtown condo.â€

    “She’s nine pounds,†Mrs. Cyr says. “She won’t get much bigger than this."

    Yeah the dog won’t but I got some family planning news for her. Unless she’s giving birth to Tattoo, a baby is going to get a lot bigger than that.

    So I’m not buying it, I see big dog prejudice at work here. First they’ll kick us out of the cities, then out of the suburbs and finally it will be off the farms. Where will the bigger, and dare I say better, canines go? I’ll tell you where…to places like Ding Dong Texas, Nothing Arizona, Toad Suck Arkansas, Moose Factory Ontario, Bucksnort Tennessee and last but not least Cats Town Ireland.

    Hopefully it’s only in Canada where this story (and trend) starts and stops. Speaking of which; since the Canadian dollar is worth more than the American dollar now, does that mean I’m only 80 Canadian dog years old now instead of 105 American?

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