Is this weird, or is it just me?

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    So I was just looking at the SPCA website where the animals come to us from, and go back to after we are done with them (get speutered, vaccined, and nursed back to health if need be). Well, while I was looking, I realized that they are all listed under another name. It was mentioned in class today by a classmate, and the prof had confirmed that yes -- they do change their name when they go back.

    Now, to me that just seems really weird. I mean, when we get them, we just get their cage number and a few other numbers. What they are, I don't remember :p Anyways, so basically, they generally come in to the SPCA with a name (with a few exceptions like strays), the SPCA sends them to us, we chose a name for them, when we send them back they get another name, and then when they go to their forever home they get another name. Not sure, but that seems like a lot of changing of names to me? Or is this normal, and I'm just not used to it yet?

    Oh, a few links to some of the pets that we had while I was doing husbandry. of course, there's not many left in there, as it was a while ago, but I guess that is a good thing!

    "M.J" - ok so his name didn't change as much... was Micheal Jackson, is now Michael
    Adopt a Tabby - black: Michael: Petfinder

    Adopt a German Shepherd Dog: Jake: Petfinder

    Ok I can't for the life of me remember what her name was here (Molly? maybe) ... but she's a sweetheart! She was really sick when she was here, so super glad to see she got all better and is now up for adoption :)
    Adopt a Tabby - Brown: Tanya: Petfinder

    Hmmm, the other day "Batman" was up, but he's down now, so I guess he was adopted!

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