Is there anyone here who could translate a paragraph into Spanish for me?

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  1. Because seriously, the next person to knock on my door and make the dogs bark when I'm trying to get Winnie to go to sleep is going to be one scared person. -_-

    Might be helpful if I actually included the thing, huh?

    No Solicitation
    This means:
    No religious fliers, no catalogs, no cookies, no candy, no asking to mow my lawn, trim my trees, pull my weeds, walk my dogs, or anything else. If we don't know you, don't leave anything and don't ring my door bell or knock on this door. Respect this and I will not embarrass you - waking sleeping babies isn't a smart thing to do.
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    You might put something in there about not waking the baby ;)
  3. You're probably right. I'll ETA up there real quick.

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