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    I swear my mom is enough to drive me up a wall sometimes. Ever since we had Scrappy, Upendi has been afraid of little dogs. I was working on desensitizing her to them and she was doing better. I could take her out to pee without her trying to run in the other direction anytime she saw Fuzznut or Peanut, which was great. They just didn't exist to her.

    So my mom comes here and brings her dog Scrappy's brother with her and what happened? He just set Upendi back doG only knows how far in her work with little dogs. And why? Because she was too lazy to pick him up for a minute like I asked. :rolleyes: So the first thing Upendi was greeted by when she got downstairs was her dog jumping up and repeatedly biting her, while she cowered in fear. And what did my mom do? She sat there and laughed. Oh yes because it's so hilarious that your dog is causing my dog to have fear issues. :mad:

    And what happened when I told her to do something with her dog like I originally asked before I did? She got pissed. At this point, I wish she'd just take her dog and go back to wherever she came from.
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