Intermitant Bloody/Mucus Stool, Help!

Discussion in 'Dog Health Care' started by lpollockandrsn, Jan 21, 2006.

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    Dharma is a six year old Boxer. She is on a pretty strict diet because she had pancreatits as a pup from an ant trap she found somewhere.

    Any way she tends to have flare ups from time to time and this morning I came out to my living room carpet that had been dramatically adorned. It is hard to even say it is feces as it is only dark mucus and some blood. I feel awful for her. She acts fine but, poor thing. I know she feels bad about the 'accident' but it isn't her fault, from the look of things she couldn't help it.

    I think this is because I recently bought her some treats (Bil-Jac) which I thought would be ok since she had been on the food at one time to help her put weight on. She has always been slim. I think these might be what upset her. I also recently added Missing Link and a digestive enzyme to help with gas and digestion. Normally she eats Nature's Recipe Easy to Digest Lamb and Rice or Chicken and Rice. She does fairly well on that but still has flare ups. I have considered the BARF diet but haven't tried it. I am not sure how she'd handle it and it looks pretty expensive.

    I am wondering if anyone has any similar history and has found any food or supplement that has brought consistent relief to such a condition. I would sure appreciate any input. It breaks my heart when she goes through this, especially if I did it by giving her these treats. I feel so bad, I just wanted to give her a little reward, not throw her into intestinal cramping and discomfort. Help!!
  2. Slippery elm powder has been used for hundreds of years as a gut soother in humans, and it works well in dogs as well.

    It is completely harmless, and may be used as a flour and/or ingredient in other food stuffs. You will likely recognize the sweet nutty scent that it has.

    You can find it at your local health food store. It helps many dogs who are having intestinal issues, and they like the taste of it.

    Start with a tablespoon, and you can work up from there if needed. It is NOT a medication really, but it's very high in mucilinage and helps sooth and coat the entire intestinal tract.

    Worth a try anyway!

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