Indications of eye problems or allergies?

Discussion in 'Dog Health Care' started by TinyDragon, Dec 18, 2013.

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    Since I got Axel I noticed that the pigmentation around the eyes was more brownish than black which would be expected from blue merle. He was also quite itchy on the food that his breeder was feeding her dogs so I transferred him to TOTW fish which he did a lot better on. The food didn't change anything about his eyes though. After the first bag I changed him over to Orijen 6 fish as I liked the ingredients better and he's been on it since then. However, a couple of weeks ago I had to feed him different orijen (it had chicken in it) which was bought by mistake and it was horrible. His stools went soft and he became more itchy again. So I didn't wait until he finished the bag and ordered his usual food. I fed him raw chicken for a few days until the food arrived. Now that I look at his eyes I think they might be worse than before... Now I don't know if I continue feeding him his usual food and see if he gets better again, or should I take him to the vet? I'm afraid to not take it seriously, but then I also don't want to drag my pup to the vet about every little thing... We already had to go 3 times because of bad case of kennel cough just last month:rolleyes: Does anyone know if this looks like allergy? Or something more serious? The vet has seen him pretty much every month over the last 4 months and never mentioned anything about his eyes being red or anything...

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