Incontinence - Spay Related or something else?

Discussion in 'Dog Health Care' started by Ozfozz, Mar 21, 2014.

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    Rigby has always had an issue with submissive urination since we brought her home in 2011.
    We had a pretty good hold on it until lately.

    In October 2013, 2 changes happened - First was Ruby coming into the home. And second was me (along with Cobain and Rigby) moving home after a year of living in an apartment.

    During the time in the apartment, the SU issues were almost non-existent. However Josh and I worked diligently to avoid putting her in situations where she would typically do that.

    Since moving back, her urination issues have reappeared. The past month especially has been bad. It almost seems behavioural. One time she jumped up out of nowhere (she was laying quietly as I interacted with Ruby) and did the "pee and walk" across in front of me. In the house. Around that time her SU issues were quite rampant as well.

    I took a urine sample to her vet that day, and the results came back totally fine.

    She was put on cranberry pills as a supplement, and things were fine until a few weeks later. The night I woke up drenched in her urine. She seemed to have no idea what happened.
    I called that a fluke and figured I must have squeezed her or something in my sleep triggering her SU.

    Then last night, she insisted on leaving my room around midnight. My dad was still up so I let her out, I assume he let her outside at that point. Then she napped at the end of the couch where his feet were for a little while. And when she got up, the entire couch cushion was soaked.

    I'm wondering, if there's anything anyone can think of that might have brought this on?
    Or perhaps some next steps I could take before taking her into the vet for the second time this month?

    I've suspected on and off that she might have some sort of neurological damage, but I've never wanted to come to terms with it because she's so good 95% of the time.
    However, if there was brain damage, what sort of diagnostics am I looking at from the vet? And what sort of cost does that come at? (Both monetary as well as in terms of stress, and medication for her)

    Some background on Rigby:
    Was a stray in Toronto for something like 3 months before AC could catch her. Other history is unknown.
    Was 19lbs when we got her, now around 30lbs, same height.
    Age unknown, shelter predicted 3 at the time due to dental staining, but much of that has cleared up with proper diet.
    Has displayed aggression with other dogs when it comes to food, not a constant issue but occurs at random.
    Compulsive lip licker after meals - no allergies or mouth lesions
    Does tend to chew flank, but has not done so to the point of any damage or dryness
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    From what you're describing, I would say she has urinary incontinence. Yes, it can happen after spaying or as a dog ages. I would talk to your vet as there are many safe hormones that they put dogs on to control this. Let him know that she is peeing when she is laying down. That's normally the first sign of incontinence.
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    Sounds like incontinence to me. Piper has spay related (so we think) incontinence as well and has similar symptoms. Hers always happen at night, usually when she's on her bed. She'll just get up and there will be a small wet spot under her.

    FWIW, hers used to be a lot worse.. HUGE puddles instead of the small ones now. She'll have months at a time when she's fine, then all of the sudden it "flares up" and she'll have accidents (still only at night) daily. It's really weird. I tried her on Proin one time and it was a disaster, never again. So she doesn't take anything for it at this time and we just deal with it as it happens.

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