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    It probably won't matter if she's wolf or not in court, unless someone can prove she is and it's illegal where you live. To tell for sure you would need genetic testing.

    I don't see it being very unlikely that a hybrid would get adopted out...however, they usually end up in wolf rescues pretty quickly. If an SPCA had no proof a dog has wolf in him/her and they pass all the BA tests, I can see one getting adopted out as a GSD/Husky or other mix of some sort because that's the obvious breed choice.

    Every single wolf dog I've known has proven genetic papers with an exact percentage when bought from a breeder although I'm sure there are a fair share of "knock offs" out there. The high percentage wolf hybrids are pretty distinctive and from the pic I saw posted in her earlier thread some hybrid physical features stood out to me right away, even before she was asking if she may be part wolf.

    I wouldn't even guess wolf on any of your pics Romy. They definately look like what they are. This dog, on the other hand, I'd almost put money on if she were to get some testing done...anyone up for betting? :)
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